Advantages and Disadvantage of shared web hosting

For people who want to set up their own business, starting an online marketing strategy can be effective. One of the first things that have to be settled is getting a website. In order to start your own website and get things rolling, you have to get a web hosting service. One of the most common hosting services that you can get for your business is shared web hosting.

Shared hosting
Shared web hosting service, or virtual hosting service, provides a single server to different websites. Since there are websites that has a few web pages, this can be a better option. Moreover, since the websites share on the service, they also share on the maintenance costs which in turn make it even cheaper. This is a practical approach since you don’t have to spend that much on getting an entire server when you can’t even use the entire space. This is advisable to small and medium businesses that do not need a huge space like large businesses. Personal blogs and websites can also make use of this service.

Shared hosting service companies provide some web space on its server or servers that they allow to be shared by large number of clients and websites. Each of these are allocated resources on this machine such like a disk space, CPU,RAM, network connection and so on are shared between these users.

On basis of OS used it’s of two types: Linux and Windows Shared Hosting.

Advantages of using shared Web Hosting -

1. The main advantage is that it’s cheaper because cost per server is shared by many users as the resources are shared among all of them. The Web Hosting Provider utilizes the same server or servers to administration of numerous clients, and by enlargement, numerous sites. Hence, they can recuperate the expenses brought about for those server assets from a more amazing number of clients, thus the expense to every individual client is generously lower. By expansion of the way that a facilitating supplier has provisioned and made accessible their servers, they have additionally put set up the greater part of the obliged incidental foundation needed to make those servers accessible on the Internet and rightly secured. This makes it possible for hosting providers to in turn offer cheap packages and thus make profit.

2. Other advantage is that you does not need to have technical skills or to hire administrator to handle complex server administrative tasks like taking backups, maintaining machine, system configuration etc. There is a much lower necessity of specialized ability needed from the clients. The complexities of making the server work, and keeping it upgraded and online are disconnected from the client totally; their just prerequisite is to place their site documents in the right place for it to get accessible on the Internet.

3. All Shared Hosting providers offer a very user friendly control panel so with the use of this panel you can easily configure and edit your website, create email accounts and data base etc. This makes it favourable to small businesses and individual users.

So this hosting type keeps you away from headaches and very much affordable to individual who cannot pay more.

Disadvantages associated with Shared Web Hosting-

1. The biggest problem with this option is the limited resources. This is because the server resources are shared among large number of users thus every would receive restrictive services. For example, on the off chance that any client on shared server is getting large shared due to many of activities then server execution goes down for different clients on the same machine. So reliability of hosting providers is always questionable.

2. Shared server does not allow you to install programs and modules that you wish to run on your server. All the administrative tasks are handled by your hosting provider itself and only service provider is authorized to run any program in according to their server needs.

3. Other main issue with this server is of security. Again, since you are sharing the machine with many clients, on the off chance that any specific site on the server is having exercises like hacking, malware, infections, DOS assault then it could run effect to all different sites on that server.

So finally after knowing all pros and cons of shared hosting, you can now make an informed decision and if this type of hosting best serves your needs