Why to Choose Bluehost as your main hosting

When it comes of hosting or related tasks, the name Bluehost is quite obvious to appear. It has been serving more than 2 million sites over the globe with complete satisfaction. Bluehost is the most trusted brand that implements all high-end technology for the purpose. Starting from infinite domain to powerful control panel, the host has everything to satisfy the users of shared, vps or dedicated hosting. Enhanced SAN storage, perfectly arranged support, unbelievably lower price have made the hosting plan one of the most favoured among users over the globe.

Flexible all in one plan:

Despite being one of the most preferred hosting options, Bluehost is quite humble in terms of finance. They are never baffling by including nicely everything with a single plan unlike others those come with many terms. Especially, the beginners can mate well through this. Going with the coupon code they can be even lucrative. Here we present below on how the discount coupons can make you stay at the most advantageous side through Bluehost.

Get the best of Bluehost through Bluehost Discount Coupons:

Bluehost is itself pretty lucrative, and it is a real friend for the smarter. They have the discount features those are hard to find at any other place. There different interesting coupons available to enjoy discounts. Through the Bluehost discount you can get the hosting at about $3.5 per month that costs about $7.0 in actual. You have to buy hosting for 3 years on this context. Upon buying for a couple of years the price can be of $3.45 by the use of bluehost coupon from Easywaytohosting, and in case of one year purchase the price gets to about $5.

Additionally, they offer more interesting discounts those even mount to about 90% during special occasions.

Distinguishing Parts:

They have the option to offer service in accordance with the plan. There is the Bluehost Pro that brings exciting specs effective for professionals. Obviously they include infinite bandwidth and disk space within their service. Apart from this, they offer free domain, which is hard to find elsewhere.

It allows you to host infinite domains through the server that’s simply adorable for bloggers or web entrepreneurs. The $100 Google Adwards credit is something again that makes them distinguishing. They are just awesome in terms of functionality. You can start enjoying hosting just at around Rs. $3.49. You can get maximum Discount Bluehost coupon from http://easywaytohosting.com. Great to see is that they still have money back guarantee and no hidden bonds.

You can’t find any better pocket friendly option than this which offers so many facilities within $3.5.

Technically best:

They have the best control panel that is focussed for least effort and maximum advantage. Bluehost have the enriched yet simplest control panel to go through unlike others that mix-up making it confusing.

This is one of the must options for bloggers through the CMS installation codes and other excellent site making tools.

Still, to ensure that you don’t come across with any issue they have the 24 x 7 support system on to fix within seconds. You can go with any way like live chat, mail or calls, but result are always good.

Linux & Unix Web Hosting Guide

Web hosting services are required to host a website. To make the whole process less complex, the best option is picking up a web host that offers instantaneous services at cheaper rates. There are plenty of companies like that now and we have reviewed those options as well. However, to keep the cost lower these many companies like Dreamhost Hosting use Linux and Unix operating system based hosting servers. You can read complete review of Dreamhost and its features here: http://mydreamhostdiscount.com Because Linux & Unix both operating systems are open source and free and you can keep your monthly hosting fee around $6 for most plans. Even though they are cheap, they aren’t in any way less functional than higher priced hosting options.


However, without knowledge on Linux or Unix they might seem little complicated.

Linux/Unix User Base

Countries or organizations intending to minimize costs on website hosting and maintenance usually opt for Linux or Unix. Developing countries like Brazil, China, India and even developed countries as Germany, France are the highest users of these operating systems.

Even after such bunch of advantages, Linux or Unix usage is very limited. Around 5% of the total web hosting service customer sign up for Linux/Unix based servers. The reason behind this unwillingness to subscribe to Linux/Unix web hosts could be the complexity of usage. Linux or Unix both are different from Windows, Mac or other operating systems and needs remarkable of time to learn. Or, you need to hire Linux/Unix website management personnel.

But the best part is, given that you spend the required time, you learn something worthy. Being able to switch to an open source operating system introduces you to a whole new world of possibilities. Open source operating systems lets you look under the hood, tweak and modify as you like, turn it into something new – do whatever you like and you don’t need to pay anything.

Reasonably Priced Linux & Unix Based Hosts

Like we have mentioned earlier, Linux and Unix based website hosting services are usually cheaper. Not plenty, but there are many companies with Linux & Unix based hosting services. Wide range of Linux & Unix applications are integrated within those systems so you will not have to struggle with the setting up process. In case you need help, just dig in the forums for these operating systems. You will never be disappointed.

Speaking of companies with Linux & Unix Web Hosting service, we have picked top three – BlueHost, FatCow and HostMonster.

BlueHost – Ever since they have started providing hosting in 1996; their operating system for websites has been Unix. The Linux web hosting service they provide includes 24/7 customer care as well so you never have to worry in case you run into trouble. Just call and you will have assistance. BlueHost has attractive plans and trying-out offers which you may want to try out.

FatCow–Apart from the website hosting features, this company is especially very environment friendly, they run on wind power! However, FatCow offers Linux or Unix based website hosting at cheaper rates. The bandwidth provided is sufficient for basic hosting.

Dreamhost – People preferring US based hosting services should try Dreamhost. Linux based OS, unlimited storage space, huge discount with Dreamhost discount coupon codes and bandwidth is Dreamhost’s specialty.


If you would like to subscribe for a Linux/Unix based web hosting services, you may try these three or some other hosting services as well. Let us know how your endeavor went!

Things to Consider Before Going for a Web Hosting Plan

Having your own website is very crucial these days for any business. However, the process of having a website has gone a pretty simple task with various softwares those demand almost no coding knowledge. But, you can’t host a website yourself. In fact this is a crucial aspect that should be taken care with a lot of consideration. Take the following points into account for a satisfactory result.

Web Hosting

Infinite Storage Space, Bandwidth and faster loading

Having a website for your business you simply won’t love to see lack in storage spaces. Your data grows day by day. Hence, it is essential that your host provide enough storage capacity. Apart from this, being an owner you need to enquire about the loading time reports for various hosting companies. A longer loading time puts a negative impact upon the customer that no owner loves and most importantly search engines don’t like slow loading sites.

It should be good with Add-Ons

All the premium hosting houses provide multiple add-ons. Through this you can have multiple websites with your account. It means you should make sure that your hosting house does the same. Anyway, you need to take the comparative dig prior going for the final result.

24 x 7 Supports

Any substance in this world needs maintenance; you can’t get away from it. Similar is the case with the websites. There will be issues with your site and your hosting company should stand before you like a true friend on these occasions. Investigate; take feedback from others amount your hosting company’s support report. It must guarantee 24 x 7 support.

Should Support Popular Software like WordPress

Terms like WordPress installation are pretty common for someone having a blog. It provides a great flexibility for the users to deal with his/her contents, and look of your websites. Downloading these things from other sites is simply hectic and time taking. It means you should make sure that your host provide these installation options available readily.

Price is Crucial

Finally, it is the price that ultimately comes at the top of any other terms for consideration. Anyway, don’t make a mistake to randomly go with the cheaper option. It has been seen many cases that these hosting companies show a great difference in their promise and reality. It’s better to make a list of your needs, enquire different hosting offers with these criteria, and then finalise one to go with. We recommend HostGator as a better option for providing excellent features at an affordable price. Use hostgator coupon to save money. It has many excellent plans as well to pick.

It Should Provide domain name service

The days are gone when you have to work twice, and have to go two different places for having a domain name and hosting. So providing a domain name should be the must for your hosting house. Not only the premium hosting companies, but the average companies are also doing the same.

Understand Your Needs:

It is equally important that you don’t go with the package that provides more than your need. If you are not aware of any term, don’t feel shy to ask about it. May be it would be something that you don’t want. You can save some extra bucks through the process.

Which one is better: Dedicated Hosting, or Shared?

Being a modern day business person it is too obvious if you want to increase the exposure of your business interest through website. On this context often a dilemma generates whether to go with a shared hosting or dedicated hosting. Being specific about the issue we can only say it depends on your kind of business. Anyway, we have provided an analytical view that can be useful for you in making a decision.

dedictaed hosting and bluehost coupons

What are basically a shared Hosting and a Dedicated Hosting?

As the name suggests a shared hosting plan basically means there are other sites those take part on the server as well with your site. On the other hand, a dedicated hosting is something through which it’s only your site that is hosted on the server. Now it’s clear that if your website is just a formality to make your web presence, or you are not too focussed about getting the traffic for your site, or your customers are generating offline and you just need a site to make business, then dedicated hosting is preferred. Read complete review of Bluehost web hosting services because it is applicable for almost all the hosting services on the internet.

Storage Space:

With the shared hosting you have to share with the disk space or bandwidth. However, you can enjoy extra space by making extra payment. In case of dedicated hosting, the bandwidth or disk space is exclusively for you. Most hosting houses provide infinite disk space for dedicated hosting.

Again we would say go with shared hosting if your site doesn’t demand lot bandwidth, or it involves heavy content. Otherwise, dedicated hosting should be your option.

Financial Aspects:

It’s pretty apparent that the server costs are going to be less in comparison with the dedicated hosting as many shares are involved. On the other hand, you have to pay the bulk as the server is dedicated absolutely for you in case of dedicated hosting. There is one more way to get around this. You can use bluehost coupon from HostingDecisions.com and lower down the cost of web hosting by 75%.

The Administration:

Shared hosting doesn’t demand the person to be too technically smart. The hosting house takes care of the maintenance and security issues. However, with a webmaster you should be having a master’s skill to deal with various issues related with managing the server. Anyway, if you pay extra amount (You probably won’t because of bluehost coupon), the hosting houses are going to take care of all your management issues as well.

On this aspect, only skilled people are recommended to go with dedicated server. The shared option is good for newbie.


The shared hosting is suitable on this occasion as the company protects you through firewalls and other security tools. On the other hand, security is completely the user’s concern for the dedicated hosting plan. However, it involves lesser possibilities of getting affected with virus as the server is completely dedicated for you. With shared hosting there is always a fear of issues like malware, virus, etc.

Apart from this, there is lesser risks involved with a dedicated server in comparison with shared, as in case of later your site may be framed by search engine if someone else on the same server is involved with illegal practice.

The dedicated server is always seo friendly, and there is no risk involved if you don’t do anything against internet law.

Though dedicated server is best regarding protection, still beginners shouldn’t go without much experience.


Loads of traffic is obvious to be involved through the server in case of shared hosting. It means these are going to consume bandwidth and eventually the efficiency of your site gets hampered in terms of loading time. Nothing like this happens in case of dedicated server as you are going to enjoy the whole resources available.

Finally, dedicated hosting is always the best option on this context.


Bluehost dedicated server provides you with the options of including your choice apps, scripts, and things related to security. Where as the shared hosting can’t provide you with these options as there are many who share the same server.

Now it’s pretty apparent that dedicated server can only provide the option to handle the site your way.

Advantages and Disadvantage of shared web hosting

For people who want to set up their own business, starting an online marketing strategy can be effective. One of the first things that have to be settled is getting a website. In order to start your own website and get things rolling, you have to get a web hosting service. One of the most common hosting services that you can get for your business is shared web hosting.

Shared hosting
Shared web hosting service, or virtual hosting service, provides a single server to different websites. Since there are websites that has a few web pages, this can be a better option. Moreover, since the websites share on the service, they also share on the maintenance costs which in turn make it even cheaper. This is a practical approach since you don’t have to spend that much on getting an entire server when you can’t even use the entire space. This is advisable to small and medium businesses that do not need a huge space like large businesses. Personal blogs and websites can also make use of this service.

Shared hosting service companies provide some web space on its server or servers that they allow to be shared by large number of clients and websites. Each of these are allocated resources on this machine such like a disk space, CPU,RAM, network connection and so on are shared between these users.

On basis of OS used it’s of two types: Linux and Windows Shared Hosting.

Advantages of using shared Web Hosting -

1. The main advantage is that it’s cheaper because cost per server is shared by many users as the resources are shared among all of them. The Web Hosting Provider utilizes the same server or servers to administration of numerous clients, and by enlargement, numerous sites. Hence, they can recuperate the expenses brought about for those server assets from a more amazing number of clients, thus the expense to every individual client is generously lower. By expansion of the way that a facilitating supplier has provisioned and made accessible their servers, they have additionally put set up the greater part of the obliged incidental foundation needed to make those servers accessible on the Internet and rightly secured. This makes it possible for hosting providers to in turn offer cheap packages and thus make profit.

2. Other advantage is that you does not need to have technical skills or to hire administrator to handle complex server administrative tasks like taking backups, maintaining machine, system configuration etc. There is a much lower necessity of specialized ability needed from the clients. The complexities of making the server work, and keeping it upgraded and online are disconnected from the client totally; their just prerequisite is to place their site documents in the right place for it to get accessible on the Internet.

3. All Shared Hosting providers offer a very user friendly control panel so with the use of this panel you can easily configure and edit your website, create email accounts and data base etc. This makes it favourable to small businesses and individual users.

So this hosting type keeps you away from headaches and very much affordable to individual who cannot pay more.

Disadvantages associated with Shared Web Hosting-

1. The biggest problem with this option is the limited resources. This is because the server resources are shared among large number of users thus every would receive restrictive services. For example, on the off chance that any client on shared server is getting large shared due to many of activities then server execution goes down for different clients on the same machine. So reliability of hosting providers is always questionable.

2. Shared server does not allow you to install programs and modules that you wish to run on your server. All the administrative tasks are handled by your hosting provider itself and only service provider is authorized to run any program in according to their server needs.

3. Other main issue with this server is of security. Again, since you are sharing the machine with many clients, on the off chance that any specific site on the server is having exercises like hacking, malware, infections, DOS assault then it could run effect to all different sites on that server.

So finally after knowing all pros and cons of shared hosting, you can now make an informed decision and if this type of hosting best serves your needs